New Technology

New Technology – Air & Fabric Odor Eliminator

Our fragrance-free spray works by using the proven scientific principle of odor conjugation. The molecules in our formula combine with the molecules in all pet odors to quickly neutralize the smells, returning your environment to a completely smell-free condition! Our breakthrough formula and technology is so advanced that we have a patent pending.

Unlike most air fresheners, NOse Offense For PETS is NOT a masking agent; it doesn’t try to hide your pet’s odors by disguising them or replacing them with another scent. It neutralizes and eliminates all smells found in the air and also on all water safe fabrics including curtains, carpets, clothing and blankets. NOse Offense can also be used in litter boxes, cages, carriers, pet living and sleeping areas, as well as on hard surfaces, such as wood or plastic. Spray once or twice in the air or identify the source to spray directly onto/into the affected area. We have even designed our product to allow for wiping down your pet’s coat with a NOse Offense sprayed cloth!