General Product Information

Q: What exactly is NOse Offense For PETS?

A: It’s a non-toxic, fragrance-free air and fabric odor eliminator for pets. It’s safe, eco-friendly patent-pending formula comes in a ready-to-use spray.

Q: How is NOse Offense different from other odor neutralizing products on the market? Why doesn’t it have a fragrance?

A: NOse Offense uses the scientific principle of odor conjugation. The molecules in the spray immediately combine with the bad odors to create a smell free environment. We developed a unique patent pending formula that makes NOse Offense unique and effective to remove pet odors from the air. It doesn’t mask the pet smells with fragrances or perfumes, it eliminates them completely. Sometimes a group of harmful chemicals known as phthalates are used to produce those ‘fresh’ smells that other air fresheners and pet products will leave behind. NOse Offense For PETS uses none of these chemicals. According to, phthalates are a group of chemicals known to have significant toxic effects including, perhaps most importantly, disruption of hormone activity, especially thyroid function. This effect is associated with significant downstream consequences especially related to brain development, immune system function, birth defects, asthma, cancer, metabolism, and even reproduction.

Q: I don’t smell anything when I spray it, is it working?

A: It sure is! Our unique patent pending formula was specifically developed to be odorless right out of the bottle leaving your environment free of any smells – no fragrance coming out of the bottle and none left in the air.

Q. What’s in it?

A: The active ingredients in NOse Offense For PETS are proprietary zinc salt, emulsifiers, preservatives and proprietary odor counteractants. The patent pending formula is safe, non-toxic, organic and biodegradable.

Q. What’s not in it?

A. NOse Offense is manufactured to be 100% free of enzymes, alcohols, phenol & phenol derivatives, phosphates, phthalates and of course fragrance.

Safety Precautions

Q. How can you be so sure NOse Offense For PETS is a safe product?

A. NOse Offense has gone through the following clinical trials using strict protocols approved by the EPA and other governing bodies: Acute Oral Toxicity, Acute Inhalation Toxicity, Acute Eye Irritation & Skin Sensitivity. NOse Offense is non-toxic and is not associated with skin irritation or allergic contact dermatitis.

Q: Is NOse Offense safe to use around pets? What if my pet licks it?

A: Yes, it is safe to use around pets since our formula is organic, natural and biodegradable. Your pet will not be harmed if licked, however, as a precaution we recommend that your pet not be under the mist as it is sprayed.

Q: Is NOse Offense safe to use near or on fabrics?

A: Yes. NOse Offense can be sprayed on all water-safe fabrics. If you suspect that your pet’s smell or urine odor is coming from a fabric, you should spray directly onto the fabric, making sure the entire area gets sprayed with the mist. If sprayed on leather, wipe it off immediately. We do, however, suggest first testing on a small inconspicuous area.

Q: Will carpets/floors be ruined if sprayed with NOse Offense?

A: NOse Offense is compatible with all carpets and flooring, however, if sprayed on wood floors we suggest wiping it off. If there is cat urine smell or dog urine odor coming from the floor, you can spray directly onto the area. Just let it sit for one minute and then wipe off the damp area. We do, however, suggest first testing on a small inconspicuous area.

Q: Is it safe to spray NOse Offense around children?

A: Yes, however, please don’t spray directly on your kids… no matter how bad they smell!

Product Use

Q: How do I use NOse Offense For PETS?

A: To rid a room of pet smells, spray a few times in the air and let the mist of NOse Offense settle. If the odor source is known, spray directly onto/into it.

Q: Dog urine and cat urine is my principle complaint. How do I treat my rooms to remove this specific odor?

A: You are not alone. Pet urine odor is a major problem associated with having a pet. Even the best trained pet will sometimes have accidents and removing urine smell is a challenge. We suggest first spraying into the air to quickly freshen up the room. Many times the dog or cat urine smell is particularly strong in an enclosed patio or sun room. The urine evaporates on a surface, such as concrete or tile, and you cannot see where it is, but you can certainly smell the residual urine odor. If you cannot easily wash the area often to remove the pet odors, liberally spray NOse Offense directly onto the hard surfaces. This technique works equally well if you find dog urine or cat urine on carpet. Spray and let it cover the area, it will dry quickly. If the pet urine has not completely saturated the carpeting, NOse Offense will be effective immediately.

Q: How long is the spray effective?

A: Usually one treatment of a few sprays will eliminate the odor. However, if you have a recurring situation, such as a litter box that is constantly being used or a carpet spot which was completely saturated with urine, you will need to repeat the process as necessary.

Q: I can smell the odor is coming directly from my pets. Can I spray directly onto them?

A: Yes, however, it would be most effective to spray NOse Offense on a cloth and wipe down your pet’s coat.

Q: Can I spray directly into the litter box?

A: Yes, cat urine smell is very distinctive and NOse Offense is a great urine odor remover.

Q: There is a urine odor in my car. What is the best way to use NOse Offense to eliminate the odor?

A: NOse Offense is as effective in your car as it is in your home. Removing pet odors is particularly difficult in a car but you can spray it on the seats (except leather), carpeting and between cushions.


Q: Is there an alternative to paying through PayPal?

A: You don’t need to be a registered user of PayPal in order to buy. You can use your credit /debit card without having to join PayPal.

Q: Can I pay with a check?

A: Sorry, at this time we are only set up to accept payments by credit /debit cards or through PayPal.


Q: Can you please explain the shipping/delivery procedure?

A: Your order will be shipped via the US Postal Service. You will have it in 1-4 days depending on your distance from NY. Orders received before Noon will usually go out the same day. Shipping times vary from one day to five business days depending on your distance from New York. If your need for NOse Offense is urgent, please call us for an express shipping quote.

Q: Is my satisfaction guaranteed?

A: Absolutely! If you aren’t 100% satisfied with NOse Offense’s ability to eliminate all pet odors, please call for product support or refund authorization. You will get your full amount returned and will only pay for return shipping.

Q: What if the product arrives damaged?

A: If your product is damaged when it arrives please email us at or call 888.789.6676 to arrange for a replacement.


Q: How can I return NOSE Offense for a full refund?

A: Simply contact us at and request a return authorization sticker. We will immediately send you a return sticker that you can use on the box when you send the bottle back. We will refund your complete purchase price.