"The first time I used NOse Offense I was cleaning the tub. I reached for, what I thought was bleach not looking at the bottle label. While I was cleaning I thought it was odd that I wasn’t being bowled over by the smell of bleach. When I looked at the label I was amazed. Not only did it do an excellent job of cleaning, not passing out from the fumes was an A+ for me. I have used it on floors, on walls, on counters (I have cats and dogs) and have already gone through 3 large bottles. It’s a zip to pick up and it doesn’t hurt porcelain tile. I actually don’t mind washing the floors! An order for 3 more large bottles goes in this week. I am thoroughly spoiled now.

Just want you to know that, like the others, I am so glad I found your company and I’m so spoiled now for any other cleaners. You have such a great product. It’s like gold in my house."

Sandy Sato - Chula Vista, CA

"NOse Offense is the only product that takes away the cat odor without covering it up with another scent. It’s like magic. I am totally sold on this product and will continue to purchase it. My cat even likes it."

Hillard Saveth - Dix Hills, NY

"Living with three generations of Dalmations at the same time left us in dire need of a solution for major pet accident odors. Nose Offense has come to our rescue almost daily……Thank you, Thank you, Thank You."

Lenore Katz - Brooklyn, NY

"I love my cat, now that I have NOse Offense."

Aidan S - Dix Hills, NY

"Thanks NOse Offense! Exactly the solution we needed for Cheeto's 'problem areas' :)"

Courtney D. - Carmel Mountain Ranch, CA

"Besides NOse Offense being excellent for pet odors, I also tried it to get rid of cooking odors. I was amazed at how fast and easy they disappeared, leaving behind no smell."

Nancy Neuberger - Coconut Creek, Fl.

"Thanks a lot. No more smells from Mandy."

Amy B. & Michael B. - Cornelius, NC

"If only NOse Offense existed a year ago I’d still have roommates! I guess better late than never to have a smell-free apartment. Thanks!"

Ethan G. - Wellesley, MA

"We always wondered why our Mother had to hold her nose when approaching our litter box. We were starting to feel ashamed until one day she came home with a huge smile & a bottle of NOSE Offense… For Pets! Now our family is always happy and we no longer take offense. HA! No Offense to us and to her nose, now we get it!"

Lola A. & Schumi A. - San Diego, CA

"Before I started using NOSE Offense…For Pets, I spent way too much time cleaning my carpet! Now, I can simply spray NOSE Offense and my carpet is left smelling clean and fresh. I no longer have to worry about hiding embarrassing pet odors when I am entertaining friends. NOSE Offense has helped me simplify my day-to-day cleaning routine. And, it keeps Chips, my eleven-month dachshund, out of the dog house!"

Monica - Kennendale, TX